Experience-driven web design for small & online businesses

Approachable websites that not only look and feel good but that also attract and capture the right people.

I have a fancy degree in interactive web design but, where I've sharpened my expertise is working with digital-based businesses for a good part of a decade. I've worked on both million dollar launches and with smaller growing companies; designing websites, member sites, sales pages, marketing campaigns etc.

My profession before web design was in customer service and sales. I created top-notch personal experiences that would turn leads into returning clients and closing a high percentage of sales. Customer experience isn't something I've left behind with my old job titles, and it's baked into every design move I make today.

I can nerd out for hours on marketing and all things business (and don't even get me started on systems and processes) but what really lights me up taking my expertise and working with purpose driven entrepreneurs to make something meaningful that improves and grows their business.

The Credentials

Hi! I'm Kayla the founder and lead user experience and design strategist here at Kayla Rose Design.

I mix what I'm good at with the passion for making the internet a better place, factoring in every touchpoint of your clients, so your visitors have a feel good & connected experience. I care deeply for the businesses I work with  so I don't just sign up to make something pretty, I want to create something that's going to make you look good and get you results.

My approach that's taken with every website design is all about creating an experience for your #1 client. I'll make recommendations that will create a connection with your ideal visitor from the minute they land on your page to the time the press "book now". 

My sweet spot planning organizing and creating an exceptional user and visual experience.

what makes KRD Different

So that I can consistently provide a premium service, I stick to what I do best (web design and user experience). I'm also big on the details and success of your entire online experience and website, and that's why I partner with some of the smartest & talented people on the internet. 

If your project could use some extra hands on deck (from branding to copywriting) we can partner with an industry expert to make sure your website or digital product launch doesn't miss a beat.  Below are some of my go-to experts.

Your online experience & website doesn't end with design.

Janessa Rea



Helen Tremethick

Brand Voice + Copy Writer


Meg Clarke



The Complete  expErIence